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Oh, hi there!  

My name is Maly , sounds like Ally with an M.

I was born in Peru, but after many years of traveling and endless photography adventures, I chose Long Island, NY to be my permanent home. 

I can't remember a time in my life that didn't revolve around photography, so it was a natural choice to dedicate myself completely to this wonderful craft. It's been a bit more than 20 years and I wouldn't change it for the world.  

When I'm not chasing people with my camera, I spend my days squeezing my little girl, cooking something crazy and spicy for my hubby or rubbing happy dog's bellies. 

So, what is Smash Bash Studio and where did it come from?

I believe milestones must be celebrated and then celebrated some more. A baby turning ONE, or TWENTY ONE. Did you make it to 80? Did you graduate? Whatever makes you say "YAY!" deserves a smashing celebration. There is no one way to get messy. Spaghetti Bowls, Ice Cream Melts, Cake Smashes, you name it! You make the mess, I make sure all the fun is documented in beautiful photographs so it will never be forgotten.

Let's have fun! Let's celebrate! Let's make a mess!

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